Careers with Urschel

Careers with Urschel

More Than A Job

Job applicants are often drawn to Urschel Laboratories because of our competitive pay scales and comprehensive benefits package. However, soon after joining our company our employees quickly realize the many intangible benefits of being a member of the Urschel team, such as our focus on continual improvement and the family environment that we strive to maintain. We are equally as dedicated to our employees as to the quality of our products.

A Tradition of Excellence

Urschel Laboratories has a long-standing tradition of excellence in manufacturing.  We work as a loyal partner with processors around the world, resulting in a commitment to continuous improvement and innovative processing techniques. Such a high degree of partnership means that all Urschel team members take a great deal of pride in continually meeting the needs of our customers.  Our goal is to maintain our extraordinarily high level of customer service well into the future.

Our Employees

While manufacturing quality parts and machines is the cornerstone of success at Urschel Laboratories, it is important to note that our quality standards could not be maintained without the talents of our employees. It is for this reason that our employees are chosen not only for their technical abilities, but also for their interpersonal skills, integrity and drive for maintaining our standards. Thus, careful consideration is given to each applicant before making a hiring decision.  We select only the most qualified candidates and believe one of our strengths is that our commitment to excellence shows in our employees, as well as our products.