E TranSlicer Cutter

E TranSlicer Cutter

​Meet the E TranSlicer® Cutter

Specializing in Elongated Products

The standard E TranSlicer Cutter (ETRS) (shown above left) accepts firm products up to 4" (101.6 mm) in diameter or leafy-type, compressible products up to 6" (152.4 mm). Interchangeable 20" (508 mm) diameter stainless steel cutting wheels reduce products with great precision and efficiency at high capacity. Wheels include slicing, patented ßMicroSlice®, and julienne. The number, placement, degree of pitch, and type of knives work with the cutting wheel and feed belt speed to determine the size of cut. Combination wheels equipped with slicing and julienne knives produce shreds. Available static hold-down, non-powered top belt, or powered top-belt hold-down assemblies maintain positive feeding assistance.

The machine is also available in the bias slicing version (ETRS-B) (shown above right). The ETRS-B accepts products up to 2.5" (63.5 mm). Designed for batch processing. Both the standard ETRS and the bias ETRS-B may be built with an optional discharge conveyor (standard model with built-in conveyor shown below, right).

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E TranSlicer® Cutter

Machine Highlights

  • Stainless steel materials; machine size designed to fit easily into existing processing lines.​
  • Cutting wheel retention assembly eases wheel changeovers with a built-in wheel rest and simple to maneuver retaining brackets that rotate and slide easily into place. Two pins on either side of the wheel work in conjunction with the brackets to keep the wheel in place in the event of a crash ( 1 ).
  • Hinged discharge chute ( 2 ) features a polished internal slope to promote sanitation and facilitate flow of cut product.
  • Divided discharge chute ( 3 ) features a removable baffle to include or separate fines.
  • Extended shear edge ( 4 ) decreases clearance between belt and knives to promote precise cutting.
  • Self-draining frame and sloped surfaces ( 5 ) throughout the machine to provide drip, drain, and draw design.
  • Hinged/sliding panels ( 6 ) offer full access to key areas of the machine and are designed to stand off of the frame to minimize overlapping joints, improve inspection, and decrease cleaning.
  • Offset, stainless steel wire loom system secures electrical cables ( 7 ) and alleviates trapped food particulates during washdowns.
  • Open frame ( 8 ) standard to ease washdowns. Optional bottom pan also available (not shown).
  • Optional additional stop button ( 9 ) conveniently positioned opposite the electrical enclosure.
  • Sturdy stainless steel guardlocks and sensors ( 10 ) permit opening of access panels after all moving parts have come to a complete stop.
  • The slicing wheel incorporates a manual locking pin ( 11 ) and sensor. When engaged, the locking pin prevents machine from running and secures the slicing wheel in a fixed position for cleaning and washdown.
  • Indicator lights ( 12 ) on the electrical panel and guardlocks illuminate when guardlocks are properly engaged.
  • Simple to use integrated electrical enclosure ( 13 ).
  • Incorporates dynamic braking ( 14 ) to simplify maintenance.
  • Equipped with two variable frequency drives ( 15 ), one controlling the belt(s) and one controlling the slicing wheel. 
  • Different interchangeable cutting wheel styles ( 16 ) (crinkle/flat slicing, julienne, and shredding) allow processing of a wide variety of cuts.
  • One-piece belt guard overlaps feed belt ( 17 ) offers smooth feeding and is easily removed to change feed belts.
  • Quick feed belt release lever ( 18 ) simplifies belt changeovers.
  • Optional prep table ( 19 ) assists operators and can be easily folded down when not in use.
  • Dynamic, stainless steel motors ( 20 ) specifically designed for demanding food production environments to withstand rigorous washdowns.
  • Features continuous operation for uninterrupted production.



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E TranSlicer®

Specializes in
high capacity slicing
and julienne cutting
of elongated products

E TranSlicer®
Bias Cutter

Captures the
niche market of
bias slices.
Product is fed manually.

E TranSlicer® 
Cutter with

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such as this
conveyor to easily
dispense into totes.
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