MicroAdjustable 14-Station Slicing Head for the Model CC

MicroAdjustable 14-Station Slicing Head for the Model CC

Urschel has long offered targeted cutting solutions to the global community of leading food processors — adapting to the requirements of individual applications and continuing to grow in the company's engineering and manufacturing expertise through each endeavor. As a result of this adaptive cutting technology approach, Urschel introduces a new slicing concept — meet the MicroAdjustable™ Slicing Head (SL-14). This 14-station cutting head offers nearly double the capacity of an 8-shoe head. The new design incorporates ideal, carefully crafted spacing of cutting stations to maximize slice engagement. The well-thought-out design carries through to every part and procedure and may limit use, reduce the need, or facilitate use of cut-protection gloves.

In addition to the new SL-14 head, the standard, fully-adjustable slicing head containing an 8-shoe cutting station set-up is also still available.

See the MicroAdjustable Slicing Head (SL-14) PDF brochure here.

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  • Tool-free knife changeovers — with no fasteners or tools needed to remove and reinstall, and proven quick-clamping (patent pending) technology, changeovers are as fast or even faster than an 8-station head.
  • 14 identical, ideally-spaced cutting stations maximize slice engagement to amplify productivity — almost double the capacity. Modular block design does not incorporate shims or shoes.
  • Lightweight 35 lb (16 kg) with built-in lifting handles, the SL-14 is adeptly removed and replaced.
  • Quick-set slice thickness with a simple turn of the adjustable screws.
  • Maintains strict tolerances throughout production runs with the ability to easily micro-adjust slices using top/bottom adjustable screws by flexing the adjustable gate while the knife holder and knife edge remain in a fixed position.
  • Fits in place of standard double-ring, double-adjustment heads using self-locking lower ring. No need for any special adapter. Uses standard impeller or new, optional grooved impeller.
  • Slice range: While the standard 8-shoe head offers a full-range of slice thickness adjustment up to .500" (12.7 mm), the new SL-14 offers simple, micro-adjustability between a range of .020" (.5 mm).
  • Types of Cuts: Two heads are currently available with the following flat slice thickness — .060 thru .080" (1.5 thru 2.0 mm) and .040 thru .060" (1.0 thru 1.5 mm). Additional shapes and shreds in this new style head coming soon!