MicroAdjustable 14-Station Slicing Head for the Model CC

MicroAdjustable 14-Station Slicing Head for the Model CC


Urschel introduces a new slicing concept – meet the MicroAdjustable® Slicing Head (SL-14).

Urschel has long offered targeted cutting solutions to the global community of leading food processors — adapting to the requirements of individual applications and continuing to grow in the company's engineering and manufacturing expertise through each endeavor. As a result of this adaptive cutting technology approach, Urschel now introduces a new slicing concept — meet the MicroAdjustable® Slicing Head (SL-14).

The SL-14 is offered in two styles – one features micro-adjustability, while the other features micro-adjustability plus quick-clamping technology to expedite knife changeovers. This 14-station cutting head offers nearly double the capacity of an 8-shoe head. The new design incorporates ideal, carefully crafted spacing of cutting stations to maximize slice engagement.

In addition to the new SL-14 head, the standard, fully-adjustable slicing head containing an 8-shoe cutting station set-up is also still available.

See the MicroAdjustable Slicing Head (SL-14) PDF brochure here.

Learn more about Model CC here.


  • Tool-free and expedited knife changeovers — with no fasteners and little to no tools needed. With proven quick-clamping (patent pending) technology, changeovers are as fast or even faster than an 8-station head.
  • At 35 lb (16 kg) with built-in lifting handles, the SL-14 is adeptly removed and replaced.
  • 14 identical, ideally-spaced cutting stations maximize slice engagement to amplify productivity — almost double the capacity. Modular block design does not incorporate shims or shoes.
  • Stationary (fixed) knife position — the knife holder and knife edge remain fixed during micro-adjustments and throughout production runs.
  • Delivers maximum cutting action with 14 cutting stations versus the fully-adjustable, standard head with 8 cutting stations — almost doubling the capacity.
  • Expedient knife changeovers - quick-release clamping mechanism (patent pending) expedites changeovers – with little to no tools needed.
  • Quick-set slice thickness with a simple turn of the adjustable screws.
  • Maintains strict tolerances throughout production runs with the ability to easily micro-adjust slices using top/bottom adjustable screws by flexing the adjustable gate while the knife holder/knife edge remain in a fixed position.
  • Fits in place of standard double-ring, double-adjustment heads using self-locking lower ring. No need for any special adapter. Uses standard impeller or new, optional grooved impeller.
  • Lightweight 35 lb (16 kg) with built-in handles to ease lifting
  • New modular block design does not incorporate shims or shoes; 14 sets of identical blocks surround the head with ideal spacing to actively maximize slice engagement.
  • Slice range: While the standard 8-shoe head offers a full range of slice thickness adjustment up to .500" (12.7 mm), the new SL-14 offers simple, micro-adjustability in a range of .033" (.8 mm) as outlined on back cover.
  • Smooth slice surface leads to minimal micro-cracking, oil absorption, and starch loss.
  • Offers inexpensive knife holders and clamps that are easily replaced when rock damage occurs.
  • Different knives are available to extend runtimes, and reduce the number of knife changes. Specially crafted sanitary stainless steel knife features increased production longevity through greater durability, corrosive-resistance, and sharpening capability.
  • Widely tested on all sizes of potatoes and a variety of other products with successful results.
  • Patented, optional grooved-style impeller improves feeding rate and minimizes scrap by reducing repeated misengagement with smaller potatoes, while also effectively stabilizing larger potatoes to deter tapered slices.
    ​MicroAdjustable Slicing Heads offer maximum flexibility. Choose to run in optimal, precision mode to yield ideal slices, or run in the extended mode, depending on targeted production requirements.
  • FLAT SLICE* **
    Slice thickness ranging from .030 – .203" (.760 – 5.16 mm) are produced when a flat slicing head is used.
    6 heads available in thickness ranges listed below:
    • Optimal .040 – .060" (1.02 – 1.52 mm) or Extended .030 – .063" (.76 – 1.60 mm)
    • Optimal .060 – .080" (1.52 – 2.03 mm) or Extended .050 – .083" (1.3 – 2.11 mm)
    • Optimal .090 – .110" (2.29 – 2.79 mm) or Extended .080 – .113" (2.03 – 2.87 mm)
    • Optimal .120 – .140" (3.05 – 3.56 mm) or Extended .110 – .143" (2.79 – 3.63 mm)
    • Optimal .150 – .170" (3.81 – 4.32 mm) or Extended .140 – .173" (3.56 – 4.39 mm)
    • Optimal .180 – .200" (4.57 – 5.08 mm) or Extended .170 – .203" (4.32 – 5.16 mm)
    .125" V SLICE* .125" (3.2 mm) V Slice has 8 complete “v’s” to the inch. Depth of “v”(B) is .050" (1.3 mm). Slice thickness (A) ranges from .045 – .100" (1.0 – 2.5 mm); Centers (C): .125" (3.2 mm)
    Optimal .055 – .075" (1.40 – 1.91 mm) or Extended .045 – .078" (1.14 – 1.98 mm)

*Quick Clamping **Without Quick Clamping