• Model CKG Honer

Model CKG Honer

  • Urschel offers a variety of honers to increase knife life and promote cost-savings. Each honer relates to specific types of knives. Many customers choose to have multiple honers set to different knife sizes to expedite the sharpening process.
  • The Model CKG Honer specializes in resharpening circular knives used on Urschel machines. The CKG will sharpen 3, 3-1/2, 4, and 5" (76.2, 88.9, 101.6, 127 mm) diameter knives with plain (non-serrated), serrated, and scalloped edges, as well as knives beveled on both sides (double bevel) and heavy duty circular knives.


The knife to be sharpened is clamped in a hub and rotated by a motor. The rotating knife causes a circular hone to revolve against one side of the knife. As the knife is sharpened by the hone, a feather edge will form on the knife edge. A hardened deburring roller runs against the opposite side of the knife forcing the feather edge into the hone, removing the feather edge as it is formed. This method of sharpening removes the least amount of material from the edge and maximizes the life of the knife. Dull knives can be sharpened with this honing machine to the same sharp edge as new knives. Full depth serrations are maintained for the life of the knife.

Several minutes are required to change the machine from sharpening one size knife to another. In plants where large numbers of different size knives must be sharpened, it is advisable to use more than one machine.

Machine Specs

15.50" (394 mm)
13.00" (330 mm)
10.00" (254 mm)
Net Weight:
56 lb (25 kg)
1/6 HP (.13 kW)

Dimensional Drawing

Operating Principle

Types of Cuts