TranSlicer® 2520 Cutter

TranSlicer® 2520 Cutter

Meet the new TranSlicer® 2520 Cutter

Next Generation of Sanitation

The 2520 takes the design of the TranSlicer 2510 to the next level. Every facet of the machine focuses on timesaving, therefore cost-saving, sanitation practices.

On average, customers incorporating the TranSlicer 2520 into their production line are saving 25 minutes per washdown/cleaning versus previously owned machines. Elements of the machine aid in visual inspections and assist with hygienic cleaning procedures.

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TranSlicer® 2520 Cutter


  • Weighing in at an approximate net 2,250 lb (1020 kg), the machine offers a solid design and outstanding performance. The frame features sanitation improvements to deter condensation build-up and bacterial growth.

  • Self-draining, angled channel frame eliminates flat surfaces to deter bacterial build-up and ease washdowns. Open bottom design ( 1 ) readily evacuates water and residual waste to ease processing operations.

  • Discharge chute ( 2 ) offers optional left or right hinge and may be completely removed from the machine for cleaning.

  • Backplate ( 3 ) specially designed with added clearance for washdown assistance and may also be completely removed for cleaning.

  • Cutting wheel retention fasteners serve as a built-in wheel rest to ease changeovers ( 4 ); also offer wheel stability to assist in the event of a crash.

  • Cutting wheels provide flat/crinkle slices, shreds, or julienne cuts.

  • Stainless steel handles are designed for increased sanitation and ease of use.

  • Heavy-duty latches are easy to clean and are also removable from the machine for cleaning ( 5 ).

  • Built-in handles ( 6 ) simplify opening of product contact guide area to expedite belt changeovers and other procedures.

  • Sanitary, stainless steel design. All access with all doors fully opening for complete visual inspection and to ease cleaning and maintenance. Doors may also be completely removed for cleaning.

  • Stand-offs minimize lap joints, and are located in optimal positions, including backplate, motors, gear boxes, and casters, to streamline visual inspection and washdowns ( 7 ).

  • Durable stainless-steel guard locks designed to open only after the wheel has come to a complete stop ( 8 ).

  • Handled, cover support post ( 9 ) readily pivots and glides into position to increase access to product feed belts.

  • Solid, stainless steel quick belt release levers expedite changeovers ( 10 ).

  • Products guides ( 11 ) offer increased relief by optimal spacing for washdowns and visual inspections.

  • Control stations with IP69K button rating are located on both sides of machine to ease operation and washdowns ( 12 ).

  • Allen-Bradley® VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) is equipped on stainless steel motors ( 13 ). Motors power the cutting wheel (3 HP, 2.2 kW with brake) and feed belt (1 HP, .75 kW). All motors are IP69K rated.

  • Optional fanless motor may be purchased with machine.

  • IP69K certified electrical enclosure features a double-sealed door ( 14 ) for extra protection during washdowns.

  • ​Wire routing loops adapt to cleaning procedures ( 15 ). Wire loops allow individual strands to be washed and sanitized to reduce potential bacteria.

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® Allen-Bradley is a registered trademark of Rockwell Automation.

The machine is available in several different builds including this short frame version. Advantages of the short frame: takes up less production space, wider expanse at the base of the feed belt area to assist in product feeding, and is available at a lower cost versus the standard longer version. Learn more about the TranSlicer 2520 Cutter - Short Frame.