Product Test Cutting Facilities

Product Test Cutting Facilities


Free-of-charge Test Cutting Your Product

As a valuable service to our customers, Urschel offers sample test cutting free-of-charge. This may assist with R&D, help explore different machines to decide on a capital purchase, or discover additional cutting capabilities for your existing Urschel machinery. As your partner in productivity, Urschel provides expertise, so you continue to succeed in this everchanging, dynamic industry. We craft machinery that produces precise cuts at high capacities within your designated parameters – meeting your production goals, improving your end-products to reduce waste, and maximizing your profits. Urschel partners with you both before the sale and for the long-term. Turn to Urschel to provide valuable resources for all of your cutting requirements. Customers may schedule a visit to attend a test cutting of their product via live computer access or in-person. Customers may also ship samples and receive a report along with optional video and photos. Visitors are also welcome to schedule a plant-wide tour to learn more about Urschel state-of-the-art manufacturing practices.

You're Invited to Test Cut Your Product on Urschel Cutting Equipment

Urschel has Product Test Cutting Facilities located worldwide ready to work with you on all types of industrial food cutting applications. Customers are encouraged to be present during tests to discuss any questions with qualified technicians fully trained on Urschel equipment. No-charge, no-obligation tests are documented and compiled in a comprehensive report. The U.S. test cutting facility is centrally located just one hour outside of Chicago within the company headquarters. Contact your local Product Test Cutting Facility, listed below, to learn more about how Urschel can assist you with your application:


Urschel Laboratories, Inc.
Phone: + 219 464 4811
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Urschel International Ltd.
Phone: + 351-21-7710550

Urschel Japan™
アーシェル ジャパン™
Phone: + 81-3-35063531

United Kingdom
Urschel International Ltd.
Phone: +44-116-263-4321
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Urschel International Ltd. Schweiz
Phone: + 41-55-4424800

Urschel (Thailand) Ltd.
Phone: + 66 2 285-3952

Urschel International Ltd.
Phone: + 33 1 60 75 77 77

Urschel International Polska Sp. z o.o.
Phone: + 48 22 727 10 07

Urschel China Ltd.
Phone: + 86-21-5265 3971

Phone: + 31-343-575454

Urschel Hellas
Phone: + 30-1-02828989

Urschel India Trading Private Limited
Phone: + 91-20-6680 3400

Urschel Deutschland GmbH
Phone: + 49-6002-9150-0

Urschel Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
Phone: + 65-6254-7757

Urschel Latinoamérica
Phone: + 0341-3171400

Urschel España SL
Phone: +34 91 002 31 02

Urschel International Ltd.
Phone: +39 - 0141 87 86 36


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