Potato Cutting in All Shapes & Sizes

Potato Cutting in All Shapes & Sizes

From the leading potato chip slicer in the world, the Model CC Slicer, to crinkle french fries on the DiversaCut 2110A® Dicer, Urschel provides commercial, precision, high quality cutting machinery to fit your line. Designing new cutting machinery and improving on existing cutting methods is what sets Urschel apart. Our most recent MicroAdjustable® SL-14 Slicing Head amplifies production lines with nearly twice the output of standard slicing heads with less maintenance. A potato chipper could increase their line throughput and save time and money on knife changeovers. Check-out the most recent videos on the new SL-14 showing capacity and knife changeovers. From homestyle rough cuts to precise dices and slices, rely on Urschel to assist you in consistently hitting your targeted specs. Urschel provides durable cutting solutions backed by heavy-duty parts and reliable service.
SL-14 MicroAdjustable® Slicing Head NEW!


Potato Cutting Solutions

Model CC Slicer

Affinity® Dicer

Affinity Integra® Dicer

E TranSlicer® Cutter

DiversaCut 2110A® Dicer

Sprint 2® Dicer

DiversaCut Sprint® Dicer

Comitrol® Processor Model 1700

Comitrol® Processor Model 3640 Slant

Model VSC Segment Cutter
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