• Model WG Honer

Model WG Honer

  • Urschel offers a variety of honers to increase knife life and promote cost-savings. Each honer relates to specific types of knives. Many customers choose to have multiple honers set to different knife sizes to expedite the sharpening process.

    The Urschel Model WG Honing Machine offers customers an accurate means of sharpening a wide range of Urschel slicing knives and crosscut knives.


 The work rests on the Model WG are designed to hone at a predetermined angle in order to return the knife to its original sharpness. The knife to be sharpened must be removed from its holding device (slicing knife holder or crosscut spindle). The knife is held in both hands by the honer operator, and moved side to side between the work rest and the honing wheel. The number of passes required is dependent upon the dullness of the knife. This method of sharpening removes the least amount of metal possible. The honing wheel rotates at a low speed through a honing solution which cleans the wheel and cools the knife, preserving the heat treatment of the metal. In some cases, the knives should be buffed or honed after sharpening to remove wire edges, then size matched to assure proper machine operation. The Model WG will not repair knives. Excessively nicked or burred knives must be filed or honed flat prior to sharpening to allow a free sliding movement.


Knives used on the following machines may be sharpened on the Model WG: 



Models 30, Affinity® Dicer, Affinity Integra® Dicer, Affinity Integra-D Dicer, B, DiversaCut 2110® Dicer, DiversaCut 2110A® Dicer, DiversaCut Sprint® Dicer, E TranSlicer® Cutter, F, Flo-Cut® 360 & 475, G, G-A, GRL, H, H-A, HS, HS-A, O, OC, OV, QuantiCut® Dicer, R, RA, RA-A, RA-D, RA-HD, Sprint 2® Dicer, SPS, TranSlicer 2000® Cutter, TranSlicer® 2500 Cutter, TranSlicer 2510 Cutter, TranSlicer 2520 Cutter, U, and VSC.


Affinity Dicer, Affinity Integra Dicer, Affinity Integra-D Dicer, Models B, CD, CD-A, DiversaCut 2110 Dicer, DiversaCut 2110A Dicer, DiversaCut Sprint Dicer, F, G, G-A, GRL, GX, GX-A, H, H-A, HX, HX-A, J, J-A, J9-A, L, L-A, M, M3, M6, M-L, QuantiCut Dicer, R, RA, RA-A, RA-D, RA-HD, SL, SL-A, and Sprint 2 Dicer.

Machine Specs

17.25" (438 mm)
9.25" (235 mm)
8.25" (210 mm)
Net Weight:
29 lb (13 kg)
1/6 HP (.13 kW)

Operating Principle

Types of Cuts