• Model JKH Honer

Model JKH Honer


Urschel offers a variety of honers to increase knife life and promote cost-savings. Each honer relates to specific types of knives. Many customers choose to have multiple honers set to different knife sizes to expedite the sharpening process.

The Urschel Model JKH Honing Machine is designed to sharpen the slicing knife edge and individual tabs on julienne knives spaced 3/4" (19 mm) and greater that are used on TranSlicer® Cutters with the least effort and cost.

Machine Specs

12.0" (305 mm)
11.00" (280 mm)
7.00" (178 mm)
Net Weight:
25 lb (11 kg)
1/6 HP (.13 kW)

Dimensional Drawing

Operating Principle

Model JKH Honer

  1. The knife to be sharpened is held firmly with the back of the knife against the work rest.
  2. The slicing edge of the knife is sharpened across the grinding wheel with a steady, rapid movement back and forth maintaining light contact with wheel.
  3. The julienne tabs of the knives are sharpened through repositioning the knife so that each tab being sharpened is held firmly against the work rest and moved smoothly and rapidly in the same manner.

Types of Cuts