Affinity Integra-D Dicer

Affinity Integra-D Dicer

Meet The New Affinity® Integra-D Dicer

U.S.D.A., Dairy Division Accepted

The Affinity® Integra-D Dicer is the newest U.S.D.A., Dairy Division accepted model manufactured by Urschel. A smaller version of the larger Affinity Dicer, the Integra-D's turnkey approach fits easily into production lines, and is also designed to replace in-line RA series machines - offering processors a beneficial upgrade with the ultimate in sanitation, a larger infeed, larger impeller case, newer design, and potentially 20 to even 50 percent higher capacities. The dicer produces precision small to mid-range cut sizes and is a scaled down version of the large Affinity Dicer. 

The high performance dicer offers simple operation at the push of a button, and easy to follow steps for maintenance and changeovers. It accepts infeed product up to 4.75" (120 mm). With similar characteristics as the large Affinity, it effectively processes all types of cold-temperature cheeses including high-fat or imitation varieties. The machine features continuous operation for uninterrupted production.
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Affinity® Integra-D Dicer

Performance & Features

  • Offers the ultimate in sanitation to meet U.S.D.A., Dairy Division acceptance including highly-polished Ra32 stainless steel finish. Accepts in-feed products up to approximately 4.75" (120 mm).

  • Food zone completely separate from the mechanical zone to ensure sanitation ( 1 ).

  • Feed spindle and drum ( 2 ) maintain positive feeding of sticky or moisture-rich products to promote controlled, precision cutting at high yields.

  • Slice adjustment knob ( 3 ) allows dial-in and lock-in of a specific slice size to ensure precise tolerances hold true throughout production runs.

  • Corrosion-resistant, nonporous, nonabsorbent stainless steel

  • Hinged panels provide full access to facilitate and expedite cleaning and maintenance procedures.

  • Cantilevered spindles ( 4 ) remove completely from the machine for cleaning and maintenance.

  • Sloped surfaces aid in efficient sanitation.

  • Round tube frame limits microbial surface area and promotes

  • Outfitted with a 10 HP (7.5 kW) stainless steel motor, the Affinity Integra-D delivers powerful processing ( 5 ).

  • Built-in cooler ( 6 ) maintains optimum processing temperature.

  • Integration options — the standard machine as supplied by Urschel is ready to use with a variety of product feeding and collection methods. Other installations may require the removal of the discharge extension. In these cases, the discharge must be interlocked ( 7 ) directly to a product takeaway device.

  • Simple lubrication — only 1 lubrication point ( 8 ) which is
    easily accessible.

  • Illuminated stainless steel guard locks ( 9 ) permit opening of access panels after all moving parts have come to a complete stop.

  • Integrates to replace Model RA's already in a production line.

  • Designed for continuous operation for uninterrupted production. Soft-start reduces shock load and extends drive train life. Electrical enclosure rated NEMA 4X IP66 for a high level of protection from water.

  • Simple to use tools and detailed operating manual accompany each Affinity Integra-D Dicer.

  • ​Affinity Integra-D applications, machine specifications, and more


The Complete Line of Affinity® Dicers Designed to Meet Your Production Goals.


2-D, 5 HP
(3.7 kW) Motor

Integra® Dicer

3-D, 10 HP
(7.5 kW) Motor

Integra-D Dicer

3-D U.S.D.A.,
Dairy Division Accepted,
10 HP (7.5 kW) Motor


Heavy-Duty 3-D U.S.D.A.,
Dairy Division Accepted,
25 HP (18 kW) Motor
+ 5 HP (3.7 kW)
Crosscut Motor

Affinity® with
Conveyor Dicer

Heavy-Duty 3-D
with Built-in Conveyor, 
25 HP (18 kW)
Motor + 5 HP
(3.7 kW) Crosscut
Motor + 1/6 HP
(.12 kW) Infeed