M6 Dicer

M6 Dicer

Meet the M6 Dicer

Versatile Dicer, Strip Cutter, & Shredder

A two-dimensional cutter, the Urschel Model M6 is a versatile machine designed for dicing, strip cutting, or shredding a variety of products through a wide range of sizes from product of a predetermined thickness. Ideally suited for cutting frozen-tempered, fresh-chilled, or hot cooked beef, pork, or poultry in addition to leafy vegetables and bakery/snack products. The Model M6 operates continuously at high production capacities, and is designed for easy cleanup and maintenance.

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M6 Dicer

Machine Highlights

  • Enhanced sanitation. All sheet metal access panels ( 1 ) are hinged eliminating the need of removal from the machine. This reduces cleaning cycle time and the chance that panels may be damaged.

  • ​​Integrated electrical enclosure with convenient operator stop/start station ( 2 ).

  • Solid bar and angle frame design ( 3 ).

  • Wide range of cuts available through different cutting/shredding set-ups ( 4 ).

  • Maximum infeed thickness up to 1" (25.4 mm) ( 5 ).

  • Stainless steel motor ( 6 ).

  • Hinged belt guards ( 7 ) simplify servicing and changing of feed belt. Feed belt tensioning is easily set by turning one nut on the exterior of the machine.

  • All grease fittings ( 8 ) are easily accessible on the exterior of the machine to facilitate maintenance.

  • Overall stainless steel design ( 9 ).

  • Available with single speed or equipped with a variable frequency drive (VFD) ( 10 ).

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