Affinity CD-L Dicer

Affinity CD-L Dicer

Meet The New Affinity® CD-L Dicer

Meeting The Challenges of Difficult-To-Cut Products

The new Affinity® CD-L Dicer produces uniform dices in the small to intermediate size range. The CD-L combines the utility of Urschel Models CD-A and L-A, plus working design elements from the Affinity Integra Dicer. Processors replacing Model L-A’s with the CD-L achieve more than twice the capacity. Feed spindle, feed drum, and 5 HP (3.7 kW) motor work effectively with the cutting components in the successful processing of dried fruits and other products that are often difficult to process.

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Affinity® CD-L Dicer

Performance & Features

  • Accepts in-feed products up to 1/2" (12.7 mm) depending on compressibility of the product.

  • May be equipped with a feed chute ( 1 ) or a feed pan ( 2 ) for manual feeding.

  • Food zone completely separate from the mechanical zone to ensure sanitation ( 3 ).

  • Feed spindle and drum ( 4 ) maintain positive feeding of sticky products to promote controlled, precision cutting to maximize yield.

  • Specially designed feed drum profile assists in the positive movement of product throughout the cutting components ( 5 ).

  • Equipped with a two-piece discharge door ( 6 ) for added convenience when discharging onto a conveyor.

  • Optional outboard bearing supports ( 7 ) the cutting spindles to triumph over tough, heavy-duty applications such as dicing frozen-tempered bacon. Other heavy-duty parts also available.

  • Optional built-in fan cooler maintains optimum
    processing temperature ( 8 ).

  • Corrosion-resistant, nonporous, nonabsorbent stainless steel construction.

  • Hinged panels provide full access to facilitate and expedite cleaning and maintenance procedures.

  • Lightweight, cantilevered spindles ( 9 ) remove completely from the machine for cleaning and maintenance.

  • Sloped surfaces aid in efficient sanitation.

  • Round tube frame limits microbial surface area and promotes self-draining.

  • Outfitted with a 5 HP IP69k stainless steel motor.

  • Two processing speeds available (high and low) through alternating gear pulleys ( 10 ).

  • Gear box is equipped with a convenient sight gauge ( 11 ) used to monitor the level and quality of oil.

  • An optional onboard oil mist system is available to assist in the processing of sticky products. Features programmable timer and adjustable quantity of oil dispersed.

  • Integration options — the standard machine as supplied by Urschel is ready to use with a variety of product feeding and collection methods. Other installations may require the removal of the discharge extension ( 12 ). In these cases, the discharge must be interlocked directly to a product takeaway device.

  • For ease of maintenance, the machine is not equipped with grease fittings. Motor bearings are sealed and lubricated for the life of the bearings.

  • Singular illuminated stainless steel guardlock ( 13 ) permits opening of access panels after all moving parts have come to a complete stop.

  • Extra guardlock switch ( 14 ) on the machine frame allows for attachment to additional guarding or product collection system.

  • Designed for continuous operation for uninterrupted production. Electrical enclosure rated NEMA 4X IP66 for a high level of protection from water ( 15 ).

  • Simple to use tools and detailed operating manual accompany each Affinity CD-L Dicer ( 16 ).

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The Complete Line of Affinity® Dicers Designed to Meet Your Production Goals.


2-D, 5 HP
(3.7 kW) Motor

Integra® Dicer

3-D, 10 HP
(7.5 kW) Motor

Integra-D Dicer

3-D U.S.D.A.,
Dairy Division Accepted,
10 HP (7.5 kW) Motor


Heavy-Duty 3-D U.S.D.A.,
Dairy Division Accepted,
25 HP (18 kW) Motor
+ 5 HP (3.7 kW)
Crosscut Motor

Affinity® with
Conveyor Dicer

Heavy-Duty 3-D
with Built-in Conveyor, 
25 HP (18 kW)
Motor + 5 HP
(3.7 kW) Crosscut
Motor + 1/6 HP
(.12 kW) Infeed