MicroAdjustable 14-Station Shred Head for the Model CC Series

MicroAdjustable 14-Station Shred Head for the Model CC Series




Meet the U.S.D.A., Dairy Division accepted MicroAdjustable® Shred Head (SH-14).

Urschel has long offered targeted cutting solutions to the global community of leading food processors — adapting to the requirements of individual applications and continuing to grow in the company's engineering and manufacturing. As a result of this adaptive cutting technology approach, Urschel introduces a new shredding concept — meet the MicroAdjustable® Shred Head (SH-14).

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  • Delivers maximum cutting action with 14 cutting stations versus the fully adjustable, standard head with 8 cutting stations — almost doubling the capacity.
  • Quick-set shred thickness with a simple turn of labeled adjustment cams. Numerical values engraved on the top ring easily identify shred thickness.
  • Angle wrench and block assist with knife changeovers and facilitate expedient assembly/disassembly for complete sanitation.
  • Maintains strict tolerances throughout production runs with the ability to easily micro-adjust shreds using top/bottom adjustable cams by flexing the adjustable gate while the knife holder/knife edge remain in a fixed position.
  • Fits in place of standard double-ring, double-adjustment heads using self-locking lower ring. No need for any special adapter.
  • Lightweight 35 lb (16 kg) with built-in handles to ease lifting
  • Shred range: The new SH-14 offers simple, micro-adjustability
    Full Shred: Diamond-shaped cross section available in three thicknesses: .070, .097, or .125" (1.8, 2.5, or 3.2 mm).
    Reduced V Shred: “V”-shaped cross section.
    .300 Oval Shred: Oval-shaped cross section approximately .125" (3.2 mm) thick by .300" (7.6 mm) wide.
    Crescent Shred: Crescent-shaped cross section.
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