Urschel Laboratories, Inc. and its affiliate companies have provided me with a copy of its Privacy Statement and have notified me that:

  1. My personally identifiable information will be submitted by me to Urschel Laboratories, Inc. and its affiliate companies;
  2. My personally identifiable information submitted includes my:
      First and Last Name;
    • Business Name and Address;
    • Business Title;
    • Email Address;
    • Phone Number;
  3. Urschel will use this personal information to:
    • contact me regarding my inquiry into Urschel products;
    • provide me with any requested product information;
    • provide me with the products and services I may request from time-to-time;
  4. I may request that Urschel delete any personal information.
  5. I may request that Urschel provide me with what personal information it has, how it is stored, and that I may correct my information, if there are any mistakes.
  6. If I have any questions about how Urschel ensures my privacy, what personal information it stores, questions about having my personal data deleted or corrected, or generally about Urschel�s ability to protect my personal data, I will contact Urschel directly at privacy@urschel.com with any questions and concerns.

Data Protection Officers: Eric Buss, Urschel Laboratories, Inc.; Richard Cranefield, Urschel International Ltd.; Megan Pikula, Urschel Laboratories, Inc.;
Urschel Laboratories, Inc.
1200 Cutting Edge Drive
Chesterton, IN 46304, U.S.A.
Email: privacy@urschel.com
Website: www.Urschel.com/privacy-statement/