Urschel Joins the Fight

Urschel Joins the Fight

Urschel, a 100% employee-owned company, is joining inHealth Integrated Care to assist its local medical community. Urschel employees are making use of both the company’s 3D printer capabilities and personal, at-home 3D printers to manufacture reusable medical masks that inHealth will distribute to health care workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. The employees are also involved in another local initiative, providing nose copper wire pieces for use in sewn medical masks.   “The relationship with inHealth began when a member of a local manufacturing forum reached out to us, knowing we had 3D printers. That person put us in touch with members of the inHealth team. With everyone’s help, we are averaging 9 masks a day to deliver to inHealth, who provided the design of the masks. We will continue to print the masks as long as they are needed, and as long as we have the materials to run them.”

— Lou Varner, Director of Manufacturing
“The N95 mask is the gold standard in the Healthcare field, N95 being the rating for particulate filtration. The mask we are producing is the closest we could get to an N95. Since they are not tested for an N rating we cannot say what they do filter and what they do not. However, the material we use is a HEPA material, which is an N99 rating. Meaning it filters smaller particles than the N95. We are confident these masks will offer a level of protection Healthcare providers desperately need that they currently do not have access too.”
— Jeff Zielinski, inHealth Integrated Care

Along with the 3D printing, employees are producing copper wire pieces for sewn masks. There have been thousands of wire components sheared and hand-formed by Urschel employees and their family members to be donated to Masks for NWI Healthcare Workers, an organization manufacturing fabric masks for the healthcare industry. The masks are hand-sewn and reusable. The copper wire makes the masks more secure because it will bend snuggly over the bridge of the nose. The organization will have enough supplies to make 84,000 masks. The masks can be sterilized in an autoclave and reused five times.

“The Urschel R&D Department has now equipped a robot to assist in the effort of producing 56,000 units.”
 — Anthony Young, Assistant Plant Manager

Urschel, The Global Leader in Food Cutting Technology, is the leading provider of cutting equipment for food processors around the world. Urschel employees encourage businesses and individuals to partner with health agencies and local initiatives to make a difference by sharing their capabilities.