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Job Opening(s): CNC Programmer; Corporate Controller; Environmental, Health and Safety Manager; International Sales Assistant (Part-Time); Knife Inspector & Packager


Potato Processing International August 2020

Urschel continues to lead the way with new cutting technology with the Model CC series for slicing chips/crisps, shredding hash browns, other vegetables, and cheese with their new SL-14 and SH-14...


Urschel Welcomes 3 New Assets

Urschel welcomes 3 new assets. Urschel continues to produce the highest quality parts by investing in new equipment to improve manufacturing processes. #urschel #urschelfoodprocessing #urschelcuttingequipment...

New Machine

TranSlicer 2520 Cutter

Rely on the TranSlicer 2520 to provide optimal, high capacity cutting of commercial food processing applications with cost-savings related to reduced cleaning and inspection times. Visit the TranSlicer®...

A New Concept in Shredding

Meet the MicroAdjustable 14-Station Shred Head

Urschel announces a new concept in shredding for the Model CC series machines. The new U.S.D.A., Dairy Division accepted MicroAdjustable® SH-14 Shred Head offers 14 cutting stations, versus the standard...

Model CC Series Head Assembly Aid

Model CC Turntable

The Model CC turntable assists processors with a variety of tasks to save time and effort. Available for adjusting both slicing heads and shred heads. Learn more here.

3D Printing of Medical Masks

Urschel Joins the Fight

Urschel is joining inHealth Integrated Care to assist our local medical community. Urschel is using its 3D printer to manufacture reusable medical masks that inHealth will distribute to health care workers...



Be assured, Urschel is fully operational and continues to meet the needs of our customers. Related to the COVID-19 virus, we are taking the necessary precautions to protect the health and well-being of...

A New Concept in Slicing

Meet the MicroAdjustable 14-Station Slicing Head

Urschel unveils a new concept in slicing. The new MicroAdjustable® Slicing Head (SL-14) features 14 cutting stations that maximize slice engagement. This increased cutting station design...