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A New Concept in Shredding

Meet the MicroAdjustable 14-Station Shred Head

Urschel announces a new concept in shredding for the Model CC series machines. The new MicroAdjustable® SH-14 Shred Head offers 14 cutting stations, versus the standard 8, to deliver nearly twice the...

New Vegetable Cuts Making Waves

Discover Vegetable Noodle Cuts

Urschel works with processors around the globe to create innovative approaches to food cutting. One such example is the growing popularity of different styles of vegetable cuts including the vegetable...

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Affinity Integra Dicer

A smaller version of the original Affinity Dicer, like the Affinity, the Integra excels at processing challenging, difficult-to-cut applications such as cheese or soft meats, meats with high-fat content,...

A New Concept in Slicing

Meet the MicroAdjustable 14-Station Slicing Head

Urschel unveils a new concept in slicing. The new MicroAdjustable® Slicing Head (SL-14) features 14 cutting stations that maximize slice engagement. This increased cutting station design...

E TranSlicer® Cutter

New Bias Slicing

Newly developed parts transform the E TranSlicer® Cutter from standard slicing to either 35- or 45- degree bias flat or crinkle slicing. More Info

Construction Update

Urschel U.S.A. Expansion

Expansion at Urschel is underway. Construction continues with the addition of precast walls. This is the second addition since the company moved into its newly constructed facility in 2015. Slated time...

Recent article in NW Indiana Business Magazine

Global Marketplace

Urschel adapts Chesterton-based Urschel Laboratories houses manufacturing and corporate operations under one roof. But, more than 50% of its annual business (based on annual revenue) is...