Cutting Solutions: Cannabis Products

Cutting Solutions: Cannabis Products

With over an estimated 50,000 commercial uses,
Cannabis products reach across several industries. Rely on Urschel as your partner in productivity for many of these size reduction applications.

Delivering Size Reduction Solutions to Targeted Markets

Urschel reduction machinery is widely used by leading processors worldwide, since 1910. Customers in niche and target markets rely on Urschel’s expertise to assist them in pioneering new markets and new products. Providing batch and high volume lines with efficient, profitable approaches. Stainless steel, sanitary design. Operation at the push of a button. Clean and precise in-spec cuts throughout production runs to deliver increased profits. Explore Urschel resources and expert knowledge. Urschel equips you with the best in cutting machinery to meet your production goals. Contact your local Urschel office to assist your efforts.


Comitrol® Processor Model 1700

The Comitrol Processor Model 1700’s versatile operating principle enables slicing as well as particle size reduction. Choose between the 3 different styles of reduction heads. Sealed enclosure deters escape of dust or vapors, when installed with a collection system.


Comitrol® Processor Models 3600SL & 3600F

The Comitrol Processor Models 3600 Slant and 3600 with Feeder are ideal for small volume to high capacity production. Processors benefit from the wide selection of cutting heads to chop, flake cut, or mill. Either model may be used as a precutter to the Model 1700. The 3600F includes a screw feeder to support positive feeding of product.


The Comitrol incrementally shears product to achieve consistent, uniform particle size. Other methods employ types of grinding or tearing action which may produce excessive heat and degrade the quality of the finished product.


Offers slices from
.020 to .060" (.5 to 1.5 mm).


Offers the smallest in particle size from
.0012 to .0237" (.03 to .6 mm).


Offers particle size from
.010 to 1.5" (.254 to 38.1 mm).

1. Impeller       2. Slicing Knife       3. Horizontal Separators       4. Vertical Knives       5. Blades