A Visit With Fountain Foods

A Visit With Fountain Foods


We switched to Urschel dicers having previously used another brand of dicer in our lines for a number of years, so this was a big decision for us. We had always thought they were good. During trials we compared Urschel to other brands, and discovered there were a lot of advantages with the Urschel machines.

— James Lawrence, Owner, Fountain Foods 

During trials alternate dicers we used were branded as the latest technology, but they all appeared to be a poor copy of the Urschel machine. The Urschel improved our cut quality. We run different cut sizes of vegetables and change over of cut sizes and blades is much more efficient throughout the shift.

— Clive Himsworth, Director, Fountain Foods  

Fountain Foods is located in Cambridgeshire, UK. James Lawrence started the successful company over 25 years ago. Clive Himsworth joined the team in 2016. With over a hundred employees, Fountain Foods processing applications include onion, potato, swede, and carrot in the 5mm to 25mm size based on customer food factory request. The company has purchased a number of secondhand Urschel machinery, such as the TranSlicer® Cutter, over the years, and decided to purchase five new DiversaCut 2110A® Dicers (DCA's) after running significant in-house trials.

We were concerned about the cost of switching over from our current brand of dicers to the Urschel DCA's. Our local salesperson, Neal Bateman, and Urschel were great to work with from both a sales and service standpoint. Moving past barriers, they presented a clear path to investing in changing all of the tooling and change parts needed to implement the new Urschel dicers.

— James Lawrence  

 The Urschel dicers are much easier to use due to how the parts fit on the machine. Special wide slot parts translate to a big reduction in knife wear. This eliminates metal-to-metal contact which could produce metal fines and a foreign body risk. A very costly risk. With Urschel, we have increased confidence in delivering the best product to our customers.

— Clive Himsworth

Compared to their previous dicer, Fountain Foods realized additional benefits with the Urschel dicers including improved cut quality, improved yield, increased capacity, easier to change over cutting parts, and much easier to set up and work on.
The DiversaCut 2110A Dicer model was chosen due to the need for capacity. It has a large impeller for whole swede. This dicer was a direct comparison in size with their previous brand dicer.
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