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Clarebout Adds More Urschel Dicers

December 21st, 2016

Clarebout Potatoes is a Belgian company that specializes in pre-fried and frozen potato products. With the installation of an additional four DiversaCut 2110 Dicers, Clarebout has defined Urschel cutting machinery as its preferred supplier of potato processing machines.

Key determinants in the company's decision to purchase these additional dicers include:  the reliability of the machines leading to low maintenance costs, the clean cutting action resulting in less starch in the waste water, 25% higher capacity, and the overall durability of the machines. Other factors included the prompt service and technical support expertise of the local Urschel office reinforced by the capabilities of Urschel engineering.

Clarebout now operates a total of twelve DiversaCut 2110® Dicers for the processing of dices and crinkle French fries. In addition to choosing Urschel dicers, the company also owns Urschel milling equipment, so next to the dicers, two Comitrol® Processors are in-line for the production of rösti potatoes and for the milling of potato flakes within a specified particle size range.

Clarebout's increased quality throughputs have led to higher yields with greater usable end-product to help grow the profitability of the company. To learn more about Clarebout, visit: