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New for the Model CC

September 28th, 2020


New advancements for the Model CC include 2 new types of MicroAdjustable Cutting Heads to increase shredding and slicing capacity as well as the Model CC Turntable to assist with cutting head maintenance.

MicroAdjustable 14-Station Shred Head

Urschel announces a new concept in shredding for the Model CC series machines. The new U.S.D.A., Dairy Division accepted MicroAdjustable® SH-14 Shred Head offers 14 cutting stations, versus the standard 8, to deliver nearly twice the throughput. Learn more here.

MicroAdjustable 14-Station Slicing Head

Urschel unveils a new concept in slicing. The new MicroAdjustable® Slicing Head (SL-14) features 14 cutting stations that maximize slice engagement. This increased cutting station design delivers much higher capacities versus the standard, fully-adjustable 8-station cutting head. Learn more here.

Model CC Series Head Assembly Aid

The Model CC turntable assists processors with a variety of tasks to save time and effort. Available for adjusting both slicing heads and shred heads. Learn more here.