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Global Reach Under One Roof

May 17th, 2017

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Global reach under one roof

Urschel keeps virtually all manufacturing and assembly in-house, bucking global efficiency trends to ward off stock-outs and ensure inventory availability.

With varying degrees of success, large, multinational machine builders have long tinkered with ways to thinly, evenly, and efficiently spread their resources around the world. Packaging and processing OEMs’ global footprints are frequently dotted with manufacturing facilities and assemblies in Mumbai, Jakarta, or Manchester, in an effort to share assets, tap into unique local pockets of labor, and generally decentralize so as to eliminate bottlenecks.

And on the plant level, many of these manufacturers have become devotees of lean manufacturing, creating efficiencies at every turn, limiting inventory, and obsoleting legacy machinery in favor of more streamlined machines and systems.

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