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Leading the World in the Engineering of High Capacity Food Cutting Solutions Offering Over 50 Different Types of Cutting Machinery

Through its engineering-driven spirit, Urschel Laboratories, Inc., founded in 1910, leads the world in designing, manufacturing, and selling of precision food cutting solutions. Food processing equipment produced by Urschel include: commercial potato chip slicers, high capacity cheese shredders, dicers for a wide array of fruits and vegetables, high speed french fry cutters, meat dicers, peanut butter manufacturing mills, fish processing equipment, poultry dicers, precision lettuce shredders, crumblers for bakery rework, bulk bread cubers, wet and dry milling equipment for the food and pharmaceutical industries, and a wide array of other cutting applications.


Offering over 50 different types of cutting machinery, Urschel® food processing equipment is used by every major food processing manufacturer in the United States and virtually every country worldwide. Encompassing over 100 years experience, the Urschel team comprises a global network of factory-trained, knowledgeable service, sales, and support. Urschel remains dedicated to discovering reliable, durable, and efficient food cutting solutions.  

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